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Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

Hey Everyone,
It's Me


I want to remind you that, "Your worth is not hinged on the amount of money you make, the car you drive, how pretty you are, or how many degrees you have or don’t have. 


Your worth is hinged on the very fact that you were born. Your existence is the only validation needed to confirm you’re worthy of every good thing you were created by God to become!"


You have always been worth it!

- LaQuanda McCoullum

laquanda mccoullum, Author, Host and founder of iDo2me

I won't stop until every woman knows... She's Worth It!

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Once you find her again...
Never let her go!

"I'm convinced that once you realize how incredibly valuable you are you will OWN the woman God Created." LaQuanda McCoullum

iDo2Me started as a book written for mothers titled, The Day I said I Do To Me. After an overwhelming response from women who resonated with the message, iDo2Me transformed into a ministry. 

Our mission is to inspire women on their spiritual journey of self-discovery. We are dedicated to helping women look within to unearth their intrinsic worth and inspire them to align their lives with God's original design.

We aim to nurture a community of empowered women who become 'Worth Advocates' - individuals who, having discovered their worth, are driven to help others begin their own journeys of self-discovery. 

Join us on this transformative journey of self-realization, where every woman can confidently say 'I Do 2 Me,' and together, we create a world filled with purpose, worth, and an army of Worth Advocates, inspiring others to do the same.


Latoya urquhart iDo2me review

Where do I begin? I'm just inspired to go back to school and finish my nursing degree after being a part of the program. The sky's the limit!



kionne grant ido2me review

Joining the Fight For Your Purpose group was a turning point for me. The warm, supportive environment inspired me to embrace my true purpose with renewed passion and confidence



Marcy Morris iDo2me review

After taking LaQuanda's on-camera coaching class, I feel like a new person. Her personalized guidance and encouragement were exactly what I needed to confidently launch my art program.




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