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Your worth is not hinged on the amount of money you make, the car you drive, how pretty you are, or how many degrees you have or don’t have. 


Your worth is hinged on the very fact that you were born. Your existence is the only validation needed to confirm you’re worthy of every good thing you were created by God to become! 


You have always been worth it! - LaQuanda McCoullum


You ever felt worthless because you didn’t think you were smart enough - pretty enough - Your butt wasn’t big enough - your boobs were too small - You were too old or too young -  You weren’t tall enough or short enough - You didn’t have enough swag or style - Your hair wasn’t long enough or natural enough - you weren’t dark enough or light enough - You didn’t make enough money – you didn’t drive the right car or come from the right neighborhood? 

I want to dispel the lies!!!


About iDoZme 

I Do 2 Me started as a book written for mothers titled, The Day I said I Do To Me. After an overwhelming response from women who resonated with the message, I Do 2 Me transformed into a ministry For women ready to OWN the woman God created them to be! The ultimate goal I do 2 me is to empower women in the area of their worth. We believe that once women understand their worth they will intentionally pursue the life god intended for them! 

We won't stop until every woman knows she's worth it!

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Worth It, Empowerment TV!

Are you ready to be Entertained, Inspired and Empowered to LIVE in your worth? 

And Did I mention LAUGH?!?

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The Worth It Course!

Feeling stuck or worthless and want to make meaningful changes to  live the life God intended? 

Professional Photographer

On Camera Coaching

Have a message to share with the world? I want to help you build your speaking confidence ON and OFF the camera! 

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