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Once you realize how incredibly valuable you are, you will OWN the incredible person you are because fulfilling your purpose is as vital as your necessity to breathe!
for my daughter a journal to leave lessons about life by laquanda mccoullum
Losing my mom prematurely when I was just figuring out life left me hurt and absolutely clueless. As much as I thought I knew everything there is to know about life, which most young people do, I realized I didn't know anything. I thought she would live forever, so whether it was naivety or arrogance, I didn't have the foresight to ask the questions that would help me with my life. It is with this motivation that I curated this collection of journals.
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Legacy is more than wills, insurance policies, and property; legacy is also the lessons, the life experiences, and the rich traditions that will help our children navigate the complexities of life. So leave a legacy for your child today.

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