Hi Everyone, 

I'm LaQuanda, Author and Founder of I Do 2 Me. Just wanted to give you some inside scoop on me. I am a passionate creative who loves acting, music, writing, directing, and producing anything art-related. I have worked with some of the most amazing and talented artists Philadelphia has offer and a few celebrities. Also, a show that I produced was called On The SPectrum was nominated for an Emmy! (insert loud screams here). Even though I'm wildly passionate about the arts, I share the same admiration for administration and helping people win in business.  

The journey of writing this book was not an easy one because it made me look deeply at who and where I was. let me be the first to say, I didn't like everything I saw, But it was the awakening I needed to rediscover who God created me to be and I am to share my journey of liberation to help push women into their God-given purpose.

bring the I Do Z Me experience to your woman's group or church!

If you are looking for an awesome host for your next event, retreat, or workshop, connect with me today. I'm sure we can make your event fantastic!