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I'm excited to partner with you!

Here's how I can Partner with you at your next event or Service
Event Host
Keynote Speaker
Workshop Facilitation
Worthless to worth it Course, on Camera Coaching or The Purpose Finder)

On Camera Coaching

This program is great for someone who has to record video content for their business or brand or for someone looking to enhance their overall public speaking skillset
Here are a few things covered in the program:
Discover Your Unique Voice
Build Confidence in You
Identify and Develop your strengths
enhance overalL On Camera Presence
Enhance your public speaking SKillset on or off the camera
Provide tips and tools for video recording and public speaking. 

The Purpose Finder 
is a 2-hour workshop

During the workshop, we will  take a deep dive into 
Discovering Your God-given Purpose By
identifying  Your Strengths and weaknesses
Ridding yourself of Regret

Conquering Fear
Become solution-driven & 
Commitment Celebration

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