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What makes you valuable?

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

Hey Everyone,
It's Me


I want to remind you that, "Your worth is not hinged on the amount of money you make, the car you drive, how pretty you are, or how many degrees you have or don’t have. 


Your worth is hinged on the very fact that you were born. Your existence is the only validation needed to confirm you’re worthy of every good thing you were created by God to become!"


You have always been worth it!

- LaQuanda McCoullum

laquanda mccoullum, Author, Host and founder of iDo2me

I won't stop until every woman knows... She's Worth It!

iDo2Me started as a book written for mothers titled, The Day I said I Do To Me. After an overwhelming response from women who resonated with the message, iDo2Me transformed into a ministry. 

We envision a world where women align with God's original design, recognizing their inherent worth beyond material measures. Your value is not defined by your income or possessions; it is solely rooted in the fact that you were born! When you recognize your worth, you will pursue your purpose and nothing will be able to stop you! 

Our mission is to empower people worldwide to become Worth Advocates, so they in turn empower every person they encounter to discover their purpose and live in their worth. Through this empowerment, we believe people will not only transform their own lives but also inspire and uplift those around them, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout the world.

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Fight for Your Purpose (Facebook Group): Join a community of like-minded individuals. Participate in discussions, share experiences, and stay motivated.



Worth It Course: Start you journey by reestablishing your Worth and Value. The foundational course is the corner stone of your purpose. Once you understand how incredibly valuable you are, pursuing your purpose is no longer optional! you truly are. 

Purpose Finder Course: Dive deeper within to discover and define your life's purpose.



Accountability Challenges: Engage in regular challenges that offer cash prizes to to invest into your purpose!

DIY Tuesday: Weekly sessions demonstrating practical steps to implement purposeful living.

One-to-One Accountability: Personalized sessions to ensure you stay on track with your goals and purpose.

Once you find her again...
Never let her go!

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"I'm convinced that once you realize how incredibly valuable you are you will OWN the woman God Created." LaQuanda McCoullum


Latoya urquhart iDo2me review

Where do I begin? I'm just inspired to go back to school and finish my nursing degree after being a part of the program. The sky's the limit!



kionne grant ido2me review

Joining the Fight For Your Purpose group was a turning point for me. The warm, supportive environment inspired me to embrace my true purpose with renewed passion and confidence



Marcy Morris iDo2me review

After taking LaQuanda's on-camera coaching class, I feel like a new person. Her personalized guidance and encouragement were exactly what I needed to confidently launch my art program.



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