Are You Fulfilling your life's Purpose?

If the answer to this question is no,
read iDo2Me
 and be inspired to say, "I Do" 2 You!


About the Movement

I Do 2 Me started as a book written for mothers titled, The Day I said I Do To Me. After an overwhelming response from women who resonated with the message, I Do 2 Me transformed into a movement For women ready to OWN the woman God created them to be! 

Ladies, We commit to so many different things
You Are Worth the same commitment to yourself!
Be Her. FREE her!

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New Edition Launching April 24th 

This interactive book will help you:

Rediscover your W.O.W Factor (Wealth of worthiness)

Rid yourself of guilt

face your fears

And OWN the woman God Created! 

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