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The Life List, Purpose Finder Mini Course

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Welcome to this transformative space designed for deep self-exploration and authentic living. In a world that thrives on external validation, this mini-course stands as a counter-culture voice for those ready to reconnect with their true selves and discover their life’s purpose. This course invites you on a journey inward, guiding your focus toward the values, beliefs, and passions that define your purposeful identity. What brings you genuine joy? Which values serve as the foundational pillars of your existence? What ignites the fire within your soul? If you are ready for a quick yet deep dive to really get reacquainted with yourself authentically, then you are in the right place. Together, let’s find out who you were before life started "lifing." Let's get to the core of God's original intention when He created you. Your pathway toward a purposeful existence begins now!

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