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Tell me if this sounds Familiar:

"I want to make videos to promote my business or brand but I don't know where to begin or what to say?"


"I know exactly what I want to say but when I get in front of the camera or in front of people, I get nervous, I stumble over my words and I forget everything!"


Or, nobody cares about what I have to say anyway, so why would they want to hear me speak or join my live?!?

Did you ever ask yourself:

How much more successful would my business or brand be if I had the courage to get in front of the camera, and do a live or prerecorded video to tell people about it?


Do you think you would gain more exposure as an athlete or executive if you could nail your next interview?

Or Do you think you could land your next job or next Boo if you could show up authentically as the amazing person you know you truly are?

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Image by Mateus Campos Felipe
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Would you like to Build your speaking confidence on or off the camera?

face your fears and overcome nervousness?
Improve your articulation?

Boost your self-awareness?
craft an attention-getting message that produces results?

find the courage to be authentically you? You know, the incredible person you are when no one is watching?  




If this sounds like you...



This program will build your speaking confidence in the following areas:

Job Interviews

Business Presentations

Running a Meeting

Hosting or Speaking at an event


Showing up authenticating in general conversation 

Dating LOL!

or anywhere speaking is required! 

Our program is designed to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. And most of all, we are going to help build your confidence so you are completely comfortable with the incredible person you already are. 

That's what people value, the AUTHENTIC YOU! You are the greatest asset you will ever possess and once we unlock your super power, you will be unstoppable! 

Here's What's Covered
Face your fears
Craft your speech
BE YOU - Develop your unique voice (on and off the camera)
Social Media Video Tools and going live | pre-recorded video | Interviews
Deliver your authentic message with impact

How to recognize when you've lost your audience
How to reengage your audience
How to respond to what seems like an attack
Interview hacks
warm-up strategies & more

Going Live CheckList
Interview Checklist
Public Speaking Score Card

In five short weeks, our students will go from shying away from the camera to delivering their messages on or off the camera with confidence!
Still, need time to decide? 

Join Ou
On Camera Power Session


Our on Camera coaching program is NOT for everyone!

If you want to be a carbon copy of your favorite celebrity or social media influencer this course isn't for you.


BUT if you are ready to embrace your authentic self because you know you have something YOU are supposed to share with the world then you are the perfect candidate for this program!

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ABOUT The Coach

Hi, I'm LaQuanda and I am an Emmy nominated producer and 2x published author with over 20 years of public speaking experience. I've hosted events and directed plays that have toured the US and worked with some of the industry's most talented professionals and creatives. I tell jokes - ALOT - because I love to laugh, but I am serious about seeing people embrace who they are authentically. I birthed a brand called iDo2Me and a book under the same title. This On -Camera Coaching program mirrors that concept. You can't face the world if you can't face yourself. So Free You and Be you!

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