Are you fired up to encourage everyone else to pursue their dreams but when it comes to you, that same enthusiasm is not there?

Well now is my opportunity to encourage you, 

It's Your Time!


I know the feeling all too well because that was me. I felt guilty or selfish when I thought about pursuing my dreams.

this book will help you... 

find time for you 

get rid of guilt

Conquer your fears

get your family on board 

and Rediscover Your Dreams!



we commit to our husbands, the children, our friends, the job, church, family, and church but why is it so hard to commit to ourselves? 

make the commitment today!

You’re NOT selfish or arrogant for choosing you. the biggest investment you can make is the one you make into your self. If you feel better about you, you can show up for the people you love in a more authentic way.  It’s your time!

Say,“I Do,” Z You!